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Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking

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We are living in a world where everything is just a click away. Everyone looks in the digital space to find answers. You can find everything in the blink of an eye. That is why around 3 billion Google searches come to the surface every day. These searches lead you to different websites based on your search. Search engines like Google follow a set of rules to rank websites. Therefore, to turn the way internet users discover sites through search in your favor, you need to work toward a high website ranking.

Boost your business and hit the maximum target audience by following the tips to improve your website ranking below.

Enhance User Experience.

Website user experience must be your priority. It will help if you look for new ideas to enhance the user experience on your website. It is essential to have something eye-catching in these modern times. A simple rule to keep in mind is; if your content is enjoyable and engaging and people like what they see, they will stay longer on your website. According to stats, 88% of online customers say they don’t return to a website if they have a bad user experience.

Know Google Analytics.

One of the best tips to improve your website ranking is to improve your SEO quality score. It is a smart move to understand Google Analytics. Knowing and understanding the framework of Google Analytics will aid you in creating better SEO content. Google is continuously getting better at interpreting content. It is not limited to your primary keywords but analyzes secondary keywords and synonyms to give a better semantic experience to its users. Thus, understanding these trends will help you in optimizing your content.

Focus on Low-Performing Pages.

You can improve your website by fixing low-performing pages too. To do so: make sure your content is relevant and exciting. Check your website report frequently and set low-performing pages. Try to come up with new approaches to engage the audience and increase their time on your website. Update the content to refresh and boost your low-performing pages.

Content is the Key.

We all know that content is the key. So make sure your content is up to date and relevant. Use your keywords strategically. Do not overuse your keywords; it makes content robotic and mechanical. It is suitable for web crawlers but not relatable to real people. Always take care of your customers’ needs and interests. According to Demand Metric, 80% of the customers appreciate learning about a company through custom content. Proofread your content to correct mistakes, and enhance the content’s accuracy.

Optimize Images.

Optimizing your website’s images can improve your website ranking as well. SEO for a website is as vital as oxygen for life, so paying attention to everything that can be optimized will help you concreate your SEO score. Use your images as an SEO device; to do so, add alt tags to your images. It can do so much more than you think.

Improve Website Loading Speed.

The thing that can let you down in the competition is your slow loading speed. Some users might leave the site because of this issue, and it will directly affect your user experience. Never neglect this error, and always try to improve and optimize your website’s loading speed.

Internal linking.

One of the best ways to link your pages is internal linking. It is crucial to gain your user’s trust and prove yourself as a reliable source for the solution of their problems. Internal linking helps Google recognize different pages of your website as one. It gives your content authenticity. According to SEO Stats, link building and high-quality content are the two things used by Google to rank websites for search.

Repair ‘Error 404.’

Error 404 is expected around the internet. Whenever we come across it, it is a turn-off for everyone. Error 404 can become a hurdle in your website ranking. Thus, always look for these and fix them.

Get Your Website SSL Certificate.

Getting an SSL certificate for your website is the essential thing to do. It is necessary to build your users’ trust as it provides them a sense of security while surfing your website. No one wants to go further when a red alert appears on one’s screen. According to a GlobalSign survey, 82% of people avoided unsecured websites in 2014. Getting an SSL certificate can resolve this issue.

Keep an Eye on Your Website Analytics.

Keep a tack on the bounce rate, average time spent on the website, and traffic source. Check your website analytics regularly to learn what work needs to be done.


By working on these things, you are off to a good start. Always remember that doing SEO is one thing but maintaining SEO is what improves your website. Always stay open to editing and updating your traditional SEO to new trends. Work your ways by following these tips to improve your website ranking.

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