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The Basic Elements of eCommerce Web Design

Feb 8, 2021 | eCommerce

Design is everything being part of Elements of eCommerce Web Design. You can put all of your efforts into Marketing, Advertising, and Products, but if your Website Design is lacking then you can potentially miss out on a lot of customers. Visual appeal is very important, and a lot of emphasis should be placed on creating a fancy looking website that meets the eye and makes one stay.

A successful online store has the complete package: amazing products, great Marketing efforts, and a great design to go with it. When your design is crafted to perfection, not only will visitors stay on your site for longer, but theyll keep coming back and referring others to your site as well.

Here are some of the basic elements of a good eCommerce Web Design so you know youre on the right track.

Keep Your Design Consistent

Stick to a single theme and dont change it constantly. The enhanced user experience should be your major goal when designing your website so ensure that your navigation, content, and design align well together and in turn offer the best user experience.

You should also focus on choosing a color scheme that aligns with what your brand stands for. Your colors should have the right tone for it is true that colors can really impact the viewers mood. So make sure the colors are vibrant.

Effective CTA Messages

Call to action (CTA) are necessary components to include in your eCommerce website. The CTA must clearly stand out but in a way that doesn’t seem pushy and forced. The CTA buttons should stand out and this will help the visitor know exactly what to do when they have decided to buy the product. “Buy Now” and “Add To Cart” are the most effective CTAs that tell the user exactly what they need to do to buy your product so make sure to include that in your website.

CTAs aren’t strictly limited to eCommerce stores. You can incorporate them in your personal blogs, landing pages, and other parts of a website.

Stellar Content

Content is king. You need a great content strategy to make visitors stay on your site. How do you do that? You create content that grabs the attention of the reader and adds value to their lives. The content should be something that enhances the knowledge of the reader and gives them the necessary information about your products and services. Also be sure to include high quality images and videos because visuals are really important and readers don’t want to just read long paragraphs of text. You should also include useful product descriptions. The product descriptions should tell the reader what value is being provided to them through the product. Writing an engaging description for your products could give customers the push to actually end up buying your products and hence content really matters. 

Easy Checkout Process

This is one of the most important aspects of your eCommerce website design. Your goal should be to ensure that your buyers experience the best checkout experience. Buyers should be easily able to add different items to their shopping carts and check out just as easily. They should be able to view all of the things they added into their shopping cart. 

The design should be as simple as possible. The checkout process should be easy for users and should include other features such as guest check out options, multiple payment options and easy form-filling.

Your Site Needs To Be Responsive

Responsiveness is Elements of eCommerce, Mobile users account for more than 50% of eCommerce website traffic. If your eCommerce web design isn’t responsive on mobile phones and tablets, then you could potentially end up losing a lot of customers and potential sales revenue. Responsive designs cater to all kinds of screen sizes and the user experience should be top-notch whilst including CTA, images, content and the checkout process. Stand out from your competitors and ensure that your site is responsive across all devices.

Customer Support for Elements of eCommerce

Including Customer Support is very important. Customers can have lots of problems and you need to ensure that they can contact you from different outlets in case they need your guidance and assistance. Always respond to customer queries as quickly as possible to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction. Include your phone number, email address and online chat so that they can reach out to you easily.

The Structure Of Your Site Supports Your Design

The structure is the building block of good design. Your design can bring in visitors, but these efforts are all in vain if they can’t navigate your site or find what they’re looking for. Give them a clear path to instantly find what they’re looking for and don’t confuse them. You need to decide early on when creating and designing the website how many pages there will be in total and how all of the pages will link together and align with the design.

Your visitors should be easily able to find what they’re looking for. 


An eCommerce website should be visually appealing but also provide the best user experience. If customers enjoy their experience on your website, they’re likely to stay on your site and ultimately purchase your products. 

You should incorporate all of these elements into your eCommerce site to improve your website design and user experience. This will increase user engagement, more traffic and hence more sales and revenue for your brand.


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