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Ecommerce Trends To Lookout For In 2021

Feb 2, 2021 | Digital Marketing

The Ecommerce Industry is skyrocketing. So many people are on the lookout to sell products online and various Entrepreneurs are looking to kick start their journey in the Ecommerce Trends.

Lets take a look at some important trends coming in 2021.

Multiple Payment Options To Choose From

Payment Options are a huge factor that makes a customer stay with your brand or not. If your eCommerce store does not offer their preferred method of payment, then they’ll easily click off and choose a store that does offer their payment choice.

Most eCommerce businesses have now started accepting Digital payment methods such as Google Pay, PayPal, etc. In 2021, there might be an introduction of Cryptocurrencies where eCommerce businesses will start accepting Cryptocurrencies as transactions. After all, Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin offer many benefits for online shoppers; low transaction fees in particular. This means it’s important now more than ever for eCommerce stores to introduce multiple payment gateways.

Omnichannel Shopping To Become The Norm

Omnichannel customers are expected to rise beyond 2021.This Channel shopping enables shoppers to have a consistent and uninterrupted shopping experience across multiple channels and devices. Your website needs to be Responsive on different devices, especially on Mobile. Also, make sure to offer various payment options. For example; Buy online then pick up from the store, buy from the store and have it delivered to you online or buy online and then get the product delivered to your home.

Rise of The AR/VR Shopping Experience in ecommerce trends

AR/VR experiences can help customers get the ultimate shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. And after COVID’19, the shopping experience changed forever. AR/VR offers you the chance to inspect a product and get a feel of it before making your final decision. Since online shopping doesn’t give you the opportunity to physically examine a product, AR/VR technology can make things easier for you and give you the exact shopping experience as if you were there in person. Invest in AR/VR technology for your store and see your sales skyrocketing because of the added Innovation to your store.

Voice Commerce Will Be The Next Big Thing

Voice Commerce is going to take online purchasing to a whole new level. Through the use of Voice Commerce, you can make online purchases simply with the use of your voice. More and more eCommerce stores are looking to incorporate this feature as were heading into 2021. Make things easier for your customer. Just by using their voice, customers can skim through product categories, check out product reviews, and make orders. If you want to stand out, make the user experience as convenient as possible. Youll be seeing a lot of Voice Commerce features popping up in eCommerce stores in the near future.

Mobile Commerce To Take The Lead With Ecommerce trends

As mentioned above, your eCommerce site needs to be Mobile Responsive. Most Consumers are now making online purchases from their Mobile phones because of the convenience it offers. Shoppers are also likely to increase your abandoned shopping cart rate if your site is not mobile responsive. If you want your eCommerce store to thrive, then ensure that shoppers have the best user experience on Mobile.

Ecommerce Stores Will Incorporate More Environmentally Friendly Practices

The majority of customers prefer buying from brands and associate with brands that believe in Environmental sustainability and practice protecting the environment through their actions and business practices. Green consumerism is increasing and businesses that adopt green consumerism as a part of their ethics and business values are going to go a long way and truly dominate the eCommerce market.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will Take Charge

Artificial Intelligence provides a lot of benefits. It offers online stores the chance to offer personal recommendations to prospective customers based on their online history and interests. AI makes use of past purchasing and browsing history to start recommending products that they are more likely to purchase.

AI can really help enhance the customer experience and predict customer behaviors and interests. It enables you to get valuable insights and therefore impact your business in a positive way and give it huge returns.



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