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The Best Hybrid App Frameworks

Feb 12, 2021 | React Native

These are some of the best Hybrid App Frameworks for Developers to start creating some amazing Hybrid Applications. With the help of these frameworks, you can start creating applications that are suited to your business needs. Hopefully, with help of this article, you’ll be better able to know what tools to use to start developing your Hybrid Applications.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.


Flutter is a Hybrid Development Platform that is going to take the world by storm. It has been designed by Google Fuchsia and one of its major features is how it can be used to develop applications on different platforms with the use of a single codebase. It has an easy to use interface through which you create some amazing cross-platform applications as quickly as possible.

Pros of Flutter

Using Flutter saves the developers time and money. Another added bonus of Flutter is the fact that it has impressive speed and performance considering that it is a Hybrid Development platform. Flutter has a supportive and impactful community ready to help you out whenever you need it.

Cons of Flutter

It has limited features and support for iOS platforms. Since Flutter is a very new platform, it will take time to know its strengths and what it is truly capable of.

React Native

React Native is an open-source platform that was developed by Facebook back in 2015. Some of the major companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Uber Food etc. make use of the React Native framework to build their applications. Although React Native might not be beginner-friendly at the very beginning, it has a supportive community ready to help its users with whatever queries they may have. And that too in a timely manner.

Pros of React Native

React Native development is cost-effective to use. It has a track record of excellent performance and helps speed up the entire development process. You can reuse most of the codes with the help of React Native. Not only that but React Native is free to use.

Cons of React Native

React Native is still relatively new and since it has been introduced in the recent past, there aren’t that many developers that are well equipped with the skills of using React Native effectively. Developers would still need to have knowledge of Native languages to get started on React Native.


Mobincube enables users the convenience to create any kind of Mobile Application. It  is one of the best platforms to create native mobile applications on iOS, Android and PC. This tool is very easy to use, offering a lot of convenience to Developers. If you’re new to using it, you can find pre-built templates to build suitable applications for your business without having to do any coding. 

The Pros

Mobincube enables third party integrations and has unlimited storage. Mobincube also has excellent cross-platform capabilities.

The Cons

Mobincube has very limited analytics to work with.


Xamarin is one of the major Mobile App Development frameworks. A lot of organizations are making use of Xamarin to develop their Mobile applications. Xamarin has a supportive community from all over the world. Xamarin makes use of the C# language to create all of its applications.

Pros of Xamarin

Xamarin has extensive hardware support and therefore has no hardware compatibility issues. Another benefit is that you can reuse codes when creating applications with Xamarin.

Cons of Xamarin

Xamarin is costly compared to other Development platforms. Creating applications is also timing consuming because UI Development with Xamarin takes up a lot of time.


These are some of the best Hybrid App Frameworks that you can start using to create some amazing applications. All of the above have their unique strengths and what makes them stand out from the rest, Hopefully this article will help you decide which framework to opt for to start creating some of the most amazing Hybrid applications.



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