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What You Need to Know About Wix Online Stores

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With the increasing demand for online stores, sellers need to sell their products online to reach maximum customers. Once you have decided to switch to eCommerce, the next step is to get a website. It can be hectic for you to learn all the technicalities involved in building an eCommerce website, but you got covered, thanks to Wix eCommerce. Wix provides you with so many options to choose the best options for your business website.
Before starting, there are some things you need to know about Wix online stores.

Customization of Your Store Front

Customizing your storefront would be the first thing while making your eCommerce website. Design is the face of your website. From the first click to checkout, your shopper will be staying on your website. Therefore, it is essential to make it a smooth experience for your shoppers. When it comes to Wix eCommerce, what you need to know about Wix online stores is that it provides a smooth user experience. From homepage to editor site, you can customize your site easily. Wix online stores have a great drag and drop editor, which is adaptable to your ability of tech knowledge. You don’t need serious coding skills. Wix gives many options to add, remove or reposition text boxes, images, and lightboxes.

How to Customize Your Store Products

Wix has almost 70 categories that address nearly every business and provide design solutions for each business’s needs. There are one-pagers to fully structured templates. You can build your online presence by selling your digital and physical products. Wix online stores give you the option to add up to 15 images of your product. Therefore, your customers can see the products in detail.

  • eCommerce template is an important factor. Your products are the core of your website. To emphasize the products, you need to choose suitable templates. Choose your product catalog wisely. Choose a template that enables deep search and easy navigation for larger products. For a small number of products, use a minimal template that centralizes your products on your homepage, where shoppers can view them.
  • Wix online stores help customers navigate their storefronts. Organize your storefront and add a search box so customers can easily access what they are looking for.

How to Expand Product Listing

Another thing you need to know about Wix online stores is its product-listing feature. You can work through it and expand product listing by dropshipping.

How to Start Selling Your Products

Here are the options you need to know about Wix Online Stores to start selling products online. Wix provides you with more than one online payment method. Websites that use more than three payment methods have 39% greater revenues. Some of the payment options are below:

  • Wix Payment
  • Paypal
  • Buy now pay later BNPL
  • Stripe

How to Sell in Multiple Sales Channels

After successfully setting all the steps mentioned earlier, you are ready to go live and sell your products through your Wix online store. You are not limited to this. Wix eCommerce gives you the option to sell in multiple sales channels like Amazon, eBay, Instagram, etc.

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