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Why Should You Use A Custom CMS?

Apr 2, 2021 | Main

When there’s a huge variety of well-known content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc to choose from, why should one instead opt for a Custom CMS? There are many reasons behind it so let’s take a deep dive into this subject matter. 

When you’re just creating your website or looking to take your online presence to new heights. It’s crucial to have a content management system so that you can manage all of your content easily. A content management system has a wide range of benefits when you’re just starting out. But a custom CMS might be a great option when you have an already established online presence and brand. There are many reasons why investing in a custom CMS will do wonders for your brand. Let’s discuss them in detail.

You have more freedom with customization

With the use of a custom CMS, you can create and design your website according to your own specific requirements. While the standard CMS does offer extensive customization tools, you are still limited to their templates. With a custom CMS, you can create your own design for your brand without having to use a premade template. A custom CMS basically gives you the creative freedom to design your website as per your liking. 

You have complete control

When it comes to your brand, sometimes relying on third-party solutions might not be the way to go. When your reputation, sales, and revenue are solely dependent on specific software, then it is ideally suggested that you have software thats owned by your brand rather than a third party. The author of the more wellknown and readymade CMS platform would not be accountable if there are any issues that come up with your clients websites. They would not be held accountable if there are any bugs or other issues that need resolving. The blame would ultimately fall on your brand. Owning your own CMS makes things flow easier for you and would secure your reputation and online presence.

Custom CMS offers more scalable results

During the initial planning stages of the website, the entire development team of a brand takes into consideration the goals and objectives of their clients in mind when it comes to their website and online presence. They take into consideration their overall goals and strategy. This would benefit your brand as the website you build for your client would already be equipped with all of the right features, functionality, and efficiency to enhance sales, revenue and increase the companys online presence.

Custom CMS leads to better performance 

Readymade content management platforms are built keeping the general population in mind. They incorporate features and functionality that are generally needed by the majority of the population. A large target audience is kept in mind when incorporating these features and functionality. Since a custom CMS is catered to a specific audience, you dont need to add features that are of no use to the client and hence no extra code would be required.

This would lead to better performance and hence more visitors to the site, which is beneficial from an SEO perspective.

It enables excellent customer support

With the use of a custom CMS, there will be better customer support. The customer support of a custom CMS would be more receptive compared to if it was a general custom content management system such as WordPress or Magento. This is really beneficial because the developers are ready anytime an important issue comes up.

Unlike a popular content management system, where you might not easily get the help you need, with a custom content management system a developer will be readily available to cater to all of your queries. They can immediately fix any errors or bugs that may come up on the website or modify things on the website as per your needs and specifications. This is important because you are providing a specific service to your client. This puts your reputation on the line. So you need to cater to the customer’s needs at their beck and call.

Your website will remain safe and secure 

Popular content management systems are prone to hackers and external threats simply because they’re well-known platforms. But with a custom content management system, your website and data are in safe hands. This is because a custom content management system made for the personal use of a specific client. There’s a higher chance that since it’s not shared with a vast majority of people but rather just a fair few. Thereby keeping your website and data safe from any external threats.

It speeds up website performance

One of the major benefits of having a custom CMS is the fact that it helps enhance the speed of your site. Custom CMS loads faster and as mentioned a few points back, this is because the lesser code is required. With a custom CMS, you’ll have complete control over all of the changes and updates that are made to your website. You will only incorporate all of the necessary updates and leave the ones that aren’t required. Unnecessary updates and notifications to comply with those updates won’t serve as a distraction to clients, which is a good thing.


By now you should be thoroughly convinced why custom CMS is a good investment for your brand. With the numerous benefits that it offers. It can really take your online presence to new heights. This help your brand achieve massive success as well as trail happy clients behind you. 


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