Aimen Malik

Chief Executive Officer

A passionate technologist with 17 years of hands-on experience in Mobile and Web Application design and development, product development life cycle, strategy, marketing and sales services for customers from all over the world. With a team of 70 passionate members to help with full stack design and development, Aimen has worked with over 22,000 clients up till now. She has a stellar background of working in all verticals ranging from government organizations, retail, NGOs, Media, Insurance to various others.

Her major focus is to provide dynamic companies with technological solutions and services that have a lasting impact. She provides technical consultancy focused on taking businesses to the next level. Aimen is successful due to her ability to build strong relationships quickly and thereby having the credibility to help these companies develop plans from the beginning till the end. She has partnered with some really exciting businesses and delivered quality products at pace and scale to facilitate their growth process.

Other than that, Aimen has been a successful Sales Mentor and has gone on to build companies and trained them on how to get sales so that they become profitable. Over the weekends, she is helping young designers and developers shape career and serves as a Motivational Speaker with the aim to inspire and empower others.

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