How To Generate Leads For Your E-Commerce Store?

Having an E-Commerce store in this ever-growing online space is a smart business move that will bring you a wider audience and increased sales. But is Just developing an E-Commerce store enough to achieve your goals. Only way to grow your business is to Generate Leads.

Having a website that reflects your brand and is engaging at the same time is just the start! Yes! You heard it right. The long game has not even begun and that is marketing your online store. Telling people that you exist on the world wide web and have products that they may be interested in.

Here are 4 ways you can generate leads on your E-Commerce store:

1. SEO

The first and the most consistent way to keep your eStore within the buyer’s eye. View is to keep it ranked among the top-most results on Google. That means endless Keyword researches, optimizations, link building for each and every product page. Just getting your homepage at the top is not enough anymore. Amazon alone is enough to overshadow your brand completely if you are not putting in effort towards Search engine Optimization.

That means endless Keyword researches, optimizations, link building for each and every product page. Just getting your website ranked at #1 is not enough anymore. Now #0 (featured snippet) is the new TOP RANK. The Google organic CTR on mobile has gone down 41.4% making it crucial to occupy the ZERO spot.

Look up the Keywords/ content pieces that have been ranked on the first page and edit it to include the formatting of the featured snippet i.e. block of text featuring 40-60 words. This immediately gives you greater visibility and increases brand trust among your audience.

In light of the 2019 core algorithm updates by Here are some of the other guidelines identified by experts after the updates rolled in:

  • Google’s rank brain is the third most important ranking factor according to recently observed trends. Rank Brain is a machine learning algorithm that measures UX signals by recording the CTR and the dwell time of users with respect to search results. Yes, this is an oversimplification (P.S. no offense to the majestic rank brain) but this also means that you need to step up your UX game. Re-check everything that factors into great user experience and make sure it is functioning like it needs to.
  • Everything needs to be Mobile First!
  • For E-Commerce businesses, Amazon is turning out to be as important as Google itself because 56% of the users directly use Amazon’s search engine for their query. The others visit it after looking it up on Google. So, set up an Amazon store and if you already have one, Optimize it!

2. Visitor Cookies/ Retargeting:

Making the best use of every resource at your disposal is the way to uncover the lead goldmine. Contacting every person that has interacted with your brand ever and following them up according to tailored interests or retargeting is what will get you that next growth spurt in your lead generation and eventually your business.

Your website’s cookies are the shortcut to the art of retargeting. Every visitor on your website is a potential lead that has landed on your store due to some interest or intention. Make use of that knowledge, retarget the potential lead towards your social profiles or your blog and witness the results that a smart retargeting campaign can bring.

3. Create a Lead Magnet

The E-Commerce plane is not functioning according to the established rules of olden times where availability and quality were the two major factors that drove your customers. Today it is all about value addition. The sheer mass of content and products has reduced the attention span any piece gets from a possible buyer. Although this has been a pain for every marketer and business owner out there the same volume and endless possibility is what will get you the lead at the end.

Have your customers/ visitors opt to your weekly newsletters but why would they want to leave their email address with you? That’s where your lead magnet comes in, add value for your audience; give out a free discount code, a how-to guide, an informative newsletter. Simply put anything that would make your audience jump at the chance of getting in return of merely entering their email address.

This strategy is not confined to email marketing only, it can be integrated with every platform that you are utilizing to direct leads towards your eStore.

4. FB Store

Utilize your social following and set up a Facebook store on your business page. It will reduce the click count and allow prospective customers to make a direct purchase from your social profile. This can work especially well if you are investing in Facebook ads.
If you have an OpenCart store the process is even simpler. Since a simple extension will allow exporting your products from your eStore to the Facebook store.

Stay tuned for more ways to boost up the lead generation for your store! And if you are in a fix with any of the above steps our experts are ready to help!



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How To Generate Leads For Your E-Commerce Store?

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