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Five Proven Ways To Grow Your Business With SEO & Get Leads

Apr 6, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Lead generation and SEO are two huge players in the game to help your business grow in the long term. Lead generation and SEO help in attracting the right kind of customers towards your brand and hopefully. These prospective visitors to your website can be ultimately converted into actual, long-term customers.

SEO and lead generation are two different things, but the combination of both of these strategies. These strategies can positively impact the growth of your brand and boost its sales and clientele. SEO is concerned with helping your website appear on top of the search engines as well as increase your web traffic, whether that be organically or through paid advertisement. Lead generation on the other hand means attracting customers to your brand. SEO is known to be one of the most effective, and favored methods to build an audience and generate leads.

So what are the proven ways?

Do proper keyword research 

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO. Keyword research entails looking up terms that are searched by users on search engines regarding different products, services, or any other information. There are now multiple keyword research tools available to conduct your keyword research and incorporate them into your content and website. With the right keywords, you can rest assured that there will be more traffic pouring into your site, therefore more sales and a greater return on investment for your brand.

Write a blog with SEO optimized content 

One of the most guaranteed ways to build traffic on your website is to create a blog and optimize it for SEO. To get the most benefits out of your blog, you need to make sure you post consistently, incorporate the right keywords that will drive traffic to your site, and produce fresh content that gets people talking about your blog as well as enhances your social media engagement. Do your keyword research and then include the appropriate keywords relating to your industry in your headline and then spread them out all over your content. Remember: consistency is key. The more you post, the better results you’ll get, and the better your visibility will be on the search engine.

Start link building 

Link building is the process through which you acquire links from other websites and include them in your own website. Link building is an important part of your SEO strategy, and especially crucial if you’re looking into lead generation. You should only link high-quality and credible sources that increase the ranking of your domain. There are many ways you can achieve this. You can easily reach out to bloggers for guest posting to Grow Your Business With SEO . It is a two-way streak and a very effective way to generate leads for your site. Make sure you are sharing valuable content pertaining to your industry in your guest posts. Building links with your website can definitely help you in securing the leads that you need. Poor backlinks will negatively impact your SEO. Make sure they are of high quality and that they make sense.

Your website needs to be mobile, responsive

A lot more people are browsing the internet through their phones as opposed to a desktop or laptop. If you are creating a website that is only responsive on desktop and computer, but not on a mobile phone, then you’re in for some trouble. A lot of the web traffic now can be attributed to the viewers that are using mobile. Therefore, it is extremely important that your site is responsive on mobile. If a user is not enjoying their experience in your site that is not compatible on all devices, then they are more likely to click off the website and this is not favored by the Google algorithm at all. If you are not creating a mobile, responsive website then people will click off your website faster than you can gain them and this will affect your ranking in the search engines. So make sure your website is responsive on Mobile and offers the best user experience so that it ranks higher and you continue gaining traffic and leads for your website.

Improve the speed of your website

Did you know that the speed of your website contributes greatly to your ranking in the search engine? A website that has excellent speed is much preferable compared to a website that doesn’t load properly. When your website is performing poorly then visitors are more likely to click off of your website. This is not good for the algorithm as the higher the bounce rate of your website, the more negatively it will affect ranking on the Google search results. If you want your bounce rate to decrease, then make sure your website loads faster and that you are producing high-quality content.

Promote your content on social media & maintain an active presence 

With the use of all the different social media platforms, you can easily attract organic traffic to your website. All social media platforms have massive followings and you can leverage the power of their impact to generate leads for your brand. Many companies are looking to dive deeper into social media to drive organic traffic and lead to their website and to their brand. You should also choose a social media platform depending on your business goals. But having a reach on different social media platforms and mastering them all can attract organic traffic. That you need and enables you to have a wider reach for your brand. Make sure the content that you are promoting on social media. Which all of the right keywords so that you can attract the right targeted audience towards your brand. 


SEO is important to get the right target audience to Grow Your Business With SEO & Get Leads. So that your business can boost its sales and revenue. Hopefully, these points have convinced you how important SEO is for your marketing strategy and generate leads for your brand. 


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